When I was 11 years old, I asked myself for the first time, What is life? This question never left my mind ever, it glued inside my mind and I was on this trail to find the meaning of it. Today after 20 years of journey from that point, I am still not sure of the exact one line definition of it because there is no one line definition for it. 

There were many errands from that point on, ups and downs, trails to follow, puzzles to figure out, some sorrows and plenty of happy moments. After all the experiences and pondering, I have come to realize that there is no need to find an answer for this question. But the question itself is very important to ask. If you do not want to query about something that is so important, you will never have rigour and motivation to look for it. 

There are some questions in life which do not need to be answered but they play the most significant part to make who you are as a person. 

Today when I am much wiser and awaken as compared to 11 years old little girl. I can see life from a wider perspective. My search from this point is not for the answer but for more questions. I do not intend anymore to look for the key as the door has always been open but I want to move forward and experience the changes and thrill of it just like we do while sitting in a theater room. 

I want to be a learner and a student of life so it can teach me the reason of my existence and soul. I want to see the depth of human nature and the capacity on what it prevails. 

Life is indeed very beautiful because it is like a tree that changes with every season but stays at the same place through out until it decays. This is the rule of nature, this is the rule of universe. 



Its been very long I havent wrote anything, some weeks. At the end of every single day I ask one question from myself, will you remember this day for the rest of your life? and my heart is always dumb to this simple yet complicated question. 

Remembering your life is very important because if you cant remember it, that doesnt mean your memory is weak, it means you havent done anything extra ordinary worth remembering. 

Yesterday I painted the walls and windows of a new coffee shop that me and my husband is going to open. I loved when the white french doors turned from white to teal color. I wish we can also wholly commit ourself to our own selves just like the paint covers everything so selflessly.

Last year my committment was to remember the YEAR and now is the time when it has passed, alot of things happened this year. I spent plenty of time with my Parents, my sisters and very less time with my husband. Gave alot of time to myself, traveling, weddings, fights, empty moments and plenty of sleep etc. If I ask myself that will I remember this year, I would probably say YES I WILL REMEMBER IT FOREVER, but I want to remember each day and this is my committment for next coming year. 

Farewell to the beautiful year of 2017, I will remember you forever….


The routine of life has made it so difficult for us to make way for the things that we love the most. Our life responsibilities and our life hurdles do not make way for those moments which we want to hold and freeze forever.

I always had this huge problem with the sound of tick tock of clock. I still hate it and do not put any traditional clocks anywhere in my home. In my home I only have either digital or none stop seconds arm in my wall clock. My husband never asked me why I hate this sound of tick tock but very quitely he understand.

The fact that TIME doesnt stop makes my heart sink. Moments dont freeze, especially the ones that you spend with your loved ones. Why Parents become old? why children dont stay babies forever? why you cant just live with the person you love forever in infinity? Why life has to end, I always had this problem with life and this one question if someday I find God, I ll Him why human was so weak that he couldnt freeze time. 

Its difficult to accept what is real and true. There are some who have closed their eyes to reality and they are unknowns, but what is the worth of a rose sketch if you dont draw thorns on it. I prefer to live with open eyes than closed because I dont believe that ignorance is bliss. 


Means companion who constantly walks with you in life. Humsafar is expected to be with you through thick and thin of life journey. He or She does not leave you for his own success and happiness. We all aspire for that one Humsafar who will hold our hand through out this road of life. 

But we all forget to understand one very important condition for it. The condition is to be compassionate towards other, consistent forgiving of mistakes, we expect perfection but in fact Humsafar require the settlements of imperfection. 

When we start a project it is not possible in human capacity to make something amazing and beautiful through magic, but every bit by bit joins together to make something we wish for, right? So why we dont understand this phenomena for relationships?

Relationships are joined together bit by bit moments mixed with happiness and sadness. Some arguments and plenty of intimate moments. Love is not finding the perfect ideal and expect only from the other to come under our conditions. In fact it is constant support, constant understanding, constant tenderness and constant kindness. When this occurs you find HUMSAFAR…

You do not find Humsafar, you make Humsafar by being Humsafar…!

The Most Lucky Person

To those who find winters as the season of blues, sadness and desperation, I claim them with my complete trust and sincerity with life that winter is the season of love and affection. 

When you want to tuck away yourself in a blanket only because of disappointments and depression occupying your mind, think about that poor man who has no blanket and spending his night out on the road. 
When you dont feel like eating any food because you want to make yourself suffer for the one who has no value in your life anymore, think about a poor boy who stands by the road just to collect as much to buy a piece of bread for himself and his family. 

If you are reading this, you probably own a smart device that can log you in on this site, or some money that you can go to some net cafe to read blogs but you are not suffering as much as poeple are in this world right now. Lets be honest today!

You are crying because you are down? you are alone? and ironically having a family in home sometimes? I would say you are still the most lucky person in this world. 

I have been through this phase where I found my self hibernated for the whole winter only because I was left with no choice (thats what I thought) but in real I had no window opened in my heart. I myself shut the door to knowledge and wisdom. I just wanted to wrap my self away and stay in the corner forever. I hated winters because it emptied my soul and heart. Was that the right choice for me? I wonder if time could come back and I could turn all those winters into time of warmth and serenity.

The beauty of life is in its revelation with time and experience, its never to late to get up and leave the hollow corner…

Today, my message is for all those hibernated souls, time will never come back, stop looking for happiness externally. You have travalled enough outside of you and faced disappointed because it is ought to be disappointed, now travel inward into you and see what you find and trust me winters, as this season brings so much joy and peace is the perfect time for it.

You are truly lucky! 

Think about it!

Am I Young or Old?…

Am I growing older or I am growing younger? I feel as if my heart is now widely opened to see and feel the reality and wonder of life. Would I call this feeling young or old? As I move in towards my thirties, I feel more happy, I am able to remember my life as beautiful journry with beautiful memories, cherishable every single passing moment, I am passionate for my dreams…basically I understand life as life.

What would I call this passion? would I call this passion young or old? 

I really wonder today if in history the definition of YOUNG was wrong as on the ground reality, being young does not relate to the number of years you have lived, in fact it relates more to the number of moments you have actually lived! My childhood went by as a glimpse of moment even though I miss it dearly but to be honest how much I have acquired from my first ten years of life because of my ownself? I suppose nothing, I was only able to live my first ten years of my life because of my loving mother and father. Then in my teenage there was a mutual role of me and my parents BUT I was only the follower of my mother and father. Stepping into twenties, I was more individual BUT inexperienced. Totally and completely. Learned the basics of motivation, resilience, empathy, decision making problem solving, forgiveness, companionship, love, respect, failure, successes BUT again with the consultation of my Parents because I needed it! That is life we all majority of us live! so after all those years of learning, I am young now because my heart has just bloomed. 

My life has just started because I just opened my eyes to reality and beauty of life. My perseverence, compassion and humbleness cannot believe that I am not young anymore infact my heart has just learned how to beat along the clock. 

Two Way Test

Poeple like us has spent mostly half of our life pondering about one simple question, What is life? Yet unable to find self satisfiying and agreeable answer. Life is a journey and the most important factor that plays a very integral role in defining our understanding of life are people around us. The individuals you interact with on daily basis, your family, coworkers, or friends. 

And most of the time our problems in life are due to them or yourself related to them. This is a fact that interpersonal relationships effect you more than your own success or failure. Now despite of your experiences, resilience, and strength you are prone to getting hurt. If we understand one simple dilemna that we are ought to get hurt, stabbed and ditched at some corner of life we might be able to save our selves from getting lost and hurt. 

In life, there comes a time when you have to decide which way you want to follow because people around you give you onlt two options. Either you keep on tangled with their unexplained and undefined problems which are never ending or either YOU accept your life as it is and FOCUS on your self. 

If you decide to be on their side you would most probably end up getting lost. They might find their ways of success but you would never be able to give yourself what you deserve and that is YOU. 

And if you decide that your focus and aim of life is YOU and poeple around you are going to help you find yourself then you would sustain your inner peace and tranquility meanwhile helping them achieve their goals as well. 

Decision making is the most important truth of life and not the big decisions that require some amount of capital or investments, I am talking about those little decision that you make as soon as you step out of your bed. In life little things make big difference! 

Think about it….

Spare Time is the Golden Time

Is it so difficult in todays world to do all that you have planned on the first day of new years? I guess so because as the years pass by we become more procratinators than motivators. On every news years eve I have plenty of plans or to do lists for the upcoming year but as soon as the year starts my motivation becomes zero! and the worst part is I never found a valid reason or an explanation for it except for disappointment. Another regret and another wish for the time could come back so I could do all that what I had planned. 

I found myself very behind of my schedule of life, plenty of makeup days to catch up. Plenty of chores to complete and words to say. I also started blogging very late as well but this plan was made in my early twenties. Time is doing its job and so is nature. Its almost the ending months of the year and winters are here. My mind says to me that you have longer nights, lazy days and dizzy thoughts but look at your heart, it is alive. isnt it?

Recently I made a pledge with myself that my spare time is my golden time and I noticed a vivid improvement in my progress. Instead of watching tv I would cook my favorite dish. Instead of just listening to music I would turn the volume high and knit. Instead of waiting for vacations I would read one page of my favorite book every night. I have realized I cannot quit my job, education, run away from relationship and responsibilities but I can utilize my spare time for that I have wished and planned. I can catch the lazy and dizzy moments to make every single day successful.

24 hours in a day is more than enough only if we are awaken and alive in the moment. 

 Think about it….

In this difficult world…

As we step into this world, until the age of ten for most of us, life is percieved as beautiful. Only because there is a mother lap in which we find peace and happiness. World on the contrary is not a mother lap. It is an ocean in which you have to swim across keeping your limbs intack and working. We come across hardships as we step into this world from day one. In shape of school, friends, studies, jobs, relationship etc. But the fact that in every situation you have to SOLVE remains constant. Those of us who are more resilient and accepting to this fact of life are ready and willing to accomplish every errand. Those of us who only expect life as a piece of cake, face failure in every step of their way. You can never achieve success with one try and lack of knowledge and experience. 

Some truths will remain universally constant and accepting them is the only way to success. Right will remain right and wrong will remain wrong.

The teaching of mind and character starts from home and the enviroment in which a child nurtures but at the same time your parents are also human and they are prone to make mistakes, no one in this world is perfect. Not even you mother whose love is not comparable to any other being. 

When I was young in school, I use to hate the epic of gilgamesh. I came across it in college as well. But then I realized what that epic was about. His errands and his achievements were full of determination and will power. It somehow unconciously reminded how a human can have super power to attain all that he wants to and it is true. Only if today we stop complaining, forgive every single person even if it is as difficult as moving a mountain from its place and open our minds so sunlight can travel across into our hearts. 

In this difficult world, which world itself has made difficult, life can be lived easily, only if we accept that hardships are constant and the most integral part of it. We just need to be ready to tackle it at any point of the way. 

Immortal Souls

What makes we humans so special and different from other animals on earth. It is the soul inside our mind and body. The soul that give meaning to this body made of matter. Soul that give meaning to heart and picture to mind. It is soul that departs when a human dies and leaves it as a piece of garbage which people dispose into the ground. Soul is the most important aspect of our lives which we forget or unaware of.

It is our soul that whisper in our ears every single time we are committing a mistake. It is our soul that feel the pain and breaks the feelings inside a heart. It is soul that makes our life worth while living on this earth. It is soul that connects loved one together. It is our soul that encourages and listen to every person sorrows when he is alone and distressed. It is soul who speaks in our ears to encourage and run towards light. 

When you think about someone or remembers a memory, it is the their soul you are remembering. Soul never dies but a human does. There are so many souls that are alive today but poeple dont realize how they have achieved imortality. It is because humans have become animals instead of soulful beings. It is because there are so many things and material around us that we unable to see the worth of invisibility. In history, when the world was simple, when it was not made so complicated, it was just a kid learning how to grow, poeple at that time knew how to be immortal. 

They held on to the truth of life and left their marks on earth through their achivements. Those achievements that brought the world where it is standing today. Only few but immortals they were. They are still alive today in books, libraries, universities, hospitals, Non profit organizations, thoughts, and memories. And they will stay immortal, you know why? 

Because they knew the most important thing in life arents things, it is what we cannot see but only feel. 

Knock Knock!

Do you see where the world is heading? Do you notice changes around you? Relationships have become give and take only, whether its with your parents, children or life partner. Lieing is a common way of communication now. Hate, animosity and jealousy, its something we actually teach our children! Kindness, forgiveness and compassion! dont even talk about them, they only look good in movies to make them look more emotional! We live in a world where we watch emotions as entertainment. 

It has become a norm to improve your status if you want to be accepted in a society. When I go to malls or shopping areas, I get really surprised by looking at the behavior of people around me. Women are looking at each other bags, clothes and shoes. Girls rolling their eyes and moking at other people while passing around and young boys totally out of control because they live in democracy, freedom! and Men? Apart from their ignored wives, they think every other woman is …..!?

There are no morals, no character, no use of education these youngsters are getting from colleges and universities. and I am talking about majority. The majority that has stopped, worrying, thinking and pondering about reality of life. Its seems as if world is in a race, race among each other even though they have nothing to do with each other. 

Todays paradox is that the more you cheat, the more you lie, the more you betray, the more successful you are. but is it really success? Thats the msytery question…

I really wonder what was that turning point in the world when gold or silver replaced a paper known as money. They really fooled us you know! Some geniuses replaced something that was worth working or earning for in place of paper and gave it value. Value that is imaginary completely. Just think about it for a moment, you study by giving some amount of paper in universities to get what? A paper? known as degree which practically in 99 percent of the world is doing no good! Except! 

It finds a job! right? and then you work hard and struggle for what? An amount of paper known as money. Just look at the world around you, now people prefer to live in sky not on land and here I am talking about apartments or highrises. Your life is completely dependent on this cycle because you cannot afford your living without this paper.

But now there is no turn back because world has been conditioned for this pattern. Until you dont have an amount of paper, you just cannot buy thoses branded THINGS to make yourself accepted in a society and in other words you cannot buy happiness without it and who dont want to live a happy life.

Life has never meant to be this way. It simply not a useless pattern. There is a reason we are alive because there is a role and reason of every animal on earth. We have to ask ourselves today some very important questions. Where is the soul? What is the worth of character and real existence? Ask yourself today, is world a really better place to live? How many years you have lived and what are the real achievements so far that you can actually call achievements. Something that when you die world remember you for it and world is a big word, lets replace with your children. What are your real achievements that children will cherish after you are gone.

Think about it…