When I was 11 years old, I asked myself for the first time, What is life? This question never left my mind ever, it glued inside my mind and I was on this trail to find the meaning of it. Today after 20 years of journey from that point, I am still not sure of the exact one line definition of it because there is no one line definition for it. 

There were many errands from that point on, ups and downs, trails to follow, puzzles to figure out, some sorrows and plenty of happy moments. After all the experiences and pondering, I have come to realize that there is no need to find an answer for this question. But the question itself is very important to ask. If you do not want to query about something that is so important, you will never have rigour and motivation to look for it. 

There are some questions in life which do not need to be answered but they play the most significant part to make who you are as a person. 

Today when I am much wiser and awaken as compared to 11 years old little girl. I can see life from a wider perspective. My search from this point is not for the answer but for more questions. I do not intend anymore to look for the key as the door has always been open but I want to move forward and experience the changes and thrill of it just like we do while sitting in a theater room. 

I want to be a learner and a student of life so it can teach me the reason of my existence and soul. I want to see the depth of human nature and the capacity on what it prevails. 

Life is indeed very beautiful because it is like a tree that changes with every season but stays at the same place through out until it decays. This is the rule of nature, this is the rule of universe.